Give your students access to real world data on how to achieve their dream career 24/7, from any device. 

Turn billions of data points into actionable insights about the future with a few simple clicks and quantify which degrees, certifications, intermediate jobs and skills they need to achieve their goals.

"I want to study ________
to become a ________,
and make $ ________."

What can you do with Steppingblocks?

Save Time and Money

It's their future and your peace of mind. 

Save time and money with Steppingblocks by planning ahead for a financially healthy college experience with access to scholarship searches and tuition tools. Save even more by choosing the right major, the first year, and graduating on time.

  • Match millions of real resumes to each student's personality

  • Accelerate their college and major declaration timeline

  • Compare and contrast over 4,000 schools and universities

What can your students do with Steppingblocks?

Search Real Resumes

Fill in the gaps with access to real career paths.

They'll dive deep into personal career journeys, and unlock the specific skills and education requirements needed to meet their goals. They can explore without limits and target their interests to college majors and job titles they had no idea were within reach.

Analyze Tuition and Scholarships

Plan the future confidently with really powerful tools.

What does college really cost? Roughly 40,000 cheeseburgers. Search by school and help your students understand the investment before they commit to a career path. Align their potential salary with monthly payments for a healthier financial future. 

Get Insider Knowledge

Leverage targeted content to stay a step ahead.

Access a customized content feed matched to interests and goals. Help them sharpen their skills with expert advice from industry-specific knowledge bases curated by leaders in the field.

They'll outpace the competition and differentiate their brand with articles, stories and videos hand-picked just for them.

Help your students find their best path based on millions of others to graduate sooner, owe less and reach their full potential faster. Fill in the gaps with the education and skills training required to meet their goals.

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