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Where do we get our data from?
Where do we get our data from?
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Our technology aggregates data from digital sources, which are publicly available on the internet.

  • We have access to hundreds of publicly available data sources.

  • Leveraging technology to turn data into usable, actionable information.

  • Our data undergoes a rigorous process of validation to ensure quality.

  • We begin by validating the data, ensuring that duplicates are removed or merged.

  • We can also utilize technology like Machine Learning and modeling to process the data and make predictions, such as salary.

  • Ultimately, we conduct validation through human audits and testing for accuracy as well.

  • Dataset has over 135 million profiles at more than 25 million companies

  • The data is available down to the person level, including name, age, gender, salary, work address, work history, interests, where you’ve engaged online, contact information, etc.

  • Data is updated quarterly and we require no data from the institution other than alignment of the academic catalog.

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