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What is Steppingblocks?
What Solutions are available from Steppingblocks?
What Solutions are available from Steppingblocks?

An overview of each Steppingblocks platform

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There are 4 main solutions currently available through Steppingblocks. We are constantly working to update these solutions and improve their functionality. If we ever update a solution and you are a client, you get those updates automatically. The solutions are:

  • Digital Career Counselor - Targeted at students, this dashboard allows students to jump right in and view career outcomes for their major, either nationally or just based on alumni from their home university. If a student isn’t sure exactly what they want their career to be, they can use the tools to explore different career options based on interests, majors, or personality.

  • Graduate Outcomes - Along with Graduate Explorer, part of the Graduate Insights platform. This dashboard is designed to share career outcomes of graduates including industry, job title, salary, and more. It also allows for detailed review of employer hiring trends and skills analysis.

  • Graduate Explorer - Along with Graduate Outcomes, part of the Graduate Insights platform. This dashboard gets more granular than Graduate Outcomes allowing the user to view individual career outcomes. Users can view student-specific information such as names and contact information. In addition, there are additional filters and the ability to download a dataset.

  • Alumlink - Connect your alumni data with ours for up to date profiles on your alumni. You’ll be able to access information about current job title and employer plus past jobs and salary estimates from our salary-predicting algorithm.

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