What we need from you: Develop a comprehensive internal plan to implement Graduate Insights and Digital Career Counselor on campus. Review and establish clear internal milestones for implementation. For an example of successful rollout, consider this implementation by the University of Memphis.

By the end of the first semester with Steppingblocks, you should:

  • Build a collation of units to effectively scale your utilization of graduate outcomes data, including Career Services, Institutional Research / Effectiveness, Alumni, Advancement, Admissions, and Student Success.

  • Identify a point of contact for reach unit using the platform to serve as an internal owner. Develop clear use case examples for the data with each unit to help them leverage graduate outcomes data for student, departmental, and institutional success.

  • Leverage the Digital Career Counselor Campus Playbook and Implementation Toolkit. Incorporating Digital Career Counselor into your current student success processes and incorporate it to curriculum.

What you can expect from us:

  • We'll provide resources to help you develop your plan for implementation. We have resources to assist you with onboarding. We will provide research, white papers, webinars, and other trainings to support you and share best practices from other Steppingblocks Partner campuses. We will arrange regularly scheduled check-in calls to help you along the way.

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