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In partnership with the Steppingblocks team, we offer the following recommendations to our Partners to do by the end of your first semester with Steppingblocks

  1. Build a collection of units to effectively amplify your campus’ utilization of the data. This may include career services, institutional research constituents, alumni advancement, admissions, and student success among others. For information on how to grant people access to Graduate Insights and/or Digital Career Counselor, click here.

  2. Identify a point of contact for each unit using the platform who will serve as an internal owner. This will provide us with a reliable point of contact to reach out to with updates and information sharing about the platforms

  3. Develop clear and concise use cases for the data with each unit to help them leverage graduate outcomes data for student, departmental and institutional success. Our team is readily available to meet with individual units to discuss how the data can be optimally utilized.

  4. For digital career counselor users:

    1. Leverage our Student Launch Kit, which includes helpful resources for student rollout.

    2. Incorporate Digital Career Counselor as a tool for Advising or Career Counseling meetings with Students. Download our eBook, How Advisors Can Leverage Digital Career Counselor.

    3. Incorporate Digital Career Counselor into curriculum, such as in a first year success class. Check out our sample classroom assignments.

Learn from how some of our partner institutions have rolled out Steppingblocks on their campuses. See how the University of Memphis rolled out Steppingblocks to leverage career success across campus, and check out how Atlanta Metropolitan State College created a campaign to introduce students to the platform and encourage engagement.

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