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Who is Steppingblocks?

Learn more about who we are and how we got started.

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After attending college in the United States, co-founder Carlo Martinez was unsure of what steps to take after graduation. He tried on a few different hats in the business world, but didn’t have a clear direction, and realized many college students and graduates were likely in the same position. Carlo recognized the need for a tool where college students can access data to make informed career decisions before entering the workforce. Thus, Steppingblocks was born!

Founded in 2015, Steppingblocks provides students and universities with the data-driven tools they need to promote career readiness and institutional success. With solutions for students, faculty, staff, and campus leadership, Steppingblocks makes it easy to explore alumni profiles, employer trends, average salaries, relevant skills, and more. The Steppingblocks team is here to help students build their career confidence, and to help institutions succeed.

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