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Who Uses Steppingblocks?

We serve students, families, and departments across campus.

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Steppingblocks for Higher Education Users

Steppingblocks is a highly adaptable tool, providing valuable data that caters to various offices and individuals across campus. Refer to the list below to discover some of the partner offices that have effectively used Steppingblocks to enhance their student support and other campus initiatives.

Academic/Career Advising Offices

Campuses have utilized Steppingblocks to help advise and support students by giving them a more personalized approach to advising appointments

Click here to learn how to use Digital Career Counselor in advising.

Institutional Research Offices

Institutional Research Offices have been leveraging Steppingblocks to support accreditation, program assessment, and data reporting/tracking efforts to inform strategic planning and data-driven decision-making.

Click here to read more about how Florida International University is leveraging Steppingblocks, and listen to a podcast with FIU’s Assistant Director of Strategic Data Analysis, Paden Goldsmith.

Advancement/Fundraising Offices

Advancement and Fundraising offices have leveraged Steppingblocks to help create more specific and targeted outreach in their fundraising efforts.

Click here to read more about steps you can take to be sure you are targeting and connecting with the alumni that will ensure campaign success.

Alumni Relations

Alumni relations offices have leveraged Steppingblocks to help develop and launch more targeted outreach to their alumni whether it is for fundraising or maintaining or creating relationships with alumni.

Click here to read more about how UNLV used Steppingblocks to enhance their alumni relationships.

Student Success

Student success offices have been utilizing Steppingblocks to support students in making informed decisions around their educational, personal, professional, and career goals.

Click here to read about how Georgia State University has used Steppingblocks to promote student success initiatives.


Admissions and recruitment offices are utilizing Steppingblocks to highlight and share their alumni outcomes to showcase the success of their university within their recruitment efforts.

Click here to learn more about how Steppingblocks can help you streamline and create straightforward and to the point reports of your alumni.

Steppingblocks for Individuals/Families


Research your future career with real-world stats about YOUR major, YOUR interests, and YOUR job title. Turn billions of data points into actionable insights about your future with a few simple clicks. By having access to billions of data points of real people in the workforce you can start to explore your interests and career goals and make data-informed decisions to help you get there. With Steppingblocks you can search real resumes to unlock specific skills and education milestones you need to meet your goals, analyze tuition and scholarships so you can understand the financial side of college, and get insider knowledge by setting up your home page to show you content specific to your unique interests.


Empower your students with access to real-world data to help them achieve their dream career anytime, anywhere, from any device. With Steppingblocks, you can turn billions of data points into actionable insights and quantify which degrees, certifications, intermediate jobs and skills your students need to achieve their goals. Plan financially healthy college experiences with scholarship searches and tuition tools, help your student visualize and explore career paths, and provide support as they decide on a career goal that aligns with their interests and passions.

For more details and to read and learn more about specific ways these offices and more have leveraged the Steppingblocks platform, check out our case studies and DataU series.

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