What is the Steppingblocks Digital Career Counselor?

Take the unknown out of career planning by using Steppingblocks’ data-powered career exploration platform.

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Career planning can be overwhelming. It can be hard to know what career paths make the most sense, what steps to take to achieve your career goals, and what skills are most valued in a given career field.

Steppingblocks gives students access to the data and information they need to make informed career decisions. Regardless of how unique a student’s interests are or where they are in their higher education journey, the Digital Career Counselor platform has the tools to help students succeed. The more knowledge students have, the more potential they have to graduate on time, with less debt, and with the skills that employers require.

Through this platform, students can view career paths from the over 135 million profiles in Steppingblocks’ data set, as well as the career outcomes from their institution’s alumni. Students can take a personality test to better understand their career preferences and qualities. They can figure out if their career goals required an advanced degree, or if their skills align with the top skills of their dream company.

With the Digital Career Counselor, students can feel empowered to explore and identify the keys to their career success. Check out the rest of the articles in this section to explore all the unique ways to maximize all that the Digital Career Counselor has to offer.

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