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Make the most of the Digital Career Counselor
For Faculty & Staff: Maximizing the Digital Career Counselor in Advising and the Classroom
For Faculty & Staff: Maximizing the Digital Career Counselor in Advising and the Classroom

The Digital Career Counselor has everything you need to provide students the keys to success.

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No matter where a student is in their career and higher education journey, the Digital Career Counselor platform is the best resource for providing them with valuable information to make decisions.

In 1:1 advising, guide students through the platform to find the tools that are the best fit for their current needs. If they’re not sure what to major in, they can start with the Personality Assessment. If they want to know more about how they can apply their major to a career path, have them view the outcomes of your school’s alumni, and filter the data by degree. If they’re preparing for job applications and interviews, have them explore the Search 360 tool, and browse top employers, average salaries, and relevant skills according to their desired job title.

For more ideas on how to use Digital Career Counselor in advising, check out this Article & Webinar. You can also download our eBook: How Advisors can Leverage Digital Career Counselor.

Using Digital Career Counselor in the classroom is another great way to introduce students to the possibilities of the platform. Through classroom activities and assignments, students can take the time to utilize the platform’s tools, consider how they can use the data to plan their next career steps, and reflect on their unique skills and qualities.

We've created a comprehensive guide to integrating Digital Career Counselor in the classroom, complete with learning objectives and assignments. Check out this article and webinar that give an overview of the guide and how to use it.

Here are some other resources that can be useful in maximizing Digital Career Counselor with your students:

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