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Show your faculty and staff the unique ways they can utilize Steppingblocks.

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Faculty and Staff across campus are excellent partners for utilizing both Steppingblocks platforms. They can be helpful in encouraging students to utilize the Digital Career Counselor, and can incorporate the tool into their classrooms and activities. In addition, they will likely be interested in learning more about their program’s graduate outcomes, and can be great thought partners in thinking about how to maximize the comprehensive data of the graduate insights platform. Once your Graduate Insights and/or Digital Career Counselor platforms are ready to use, it’s time to start promoting the platform(s) across campus. If you need future guidance, feel free to reach out.

Click here to read about how Georgia Southern University has leveraged the Graduate Insights platform with multiple departments across campus.

Here are some steps you can take to share Steppingblocks with faculty and staff across campus:

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