Why Graduate Insights?
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As pressure mounts on higher education and doubts arise regarding the value of a college degree, universities nationwide are scrambling to find ways to articulate the importance of their programs in terms of students’ return on investment post-graduation. Amidst this changing landscape, the job market is evolving rapidly, driven by technological advances and big data. The unique strengths and interests of individual students further complicate matters, prompting universities to ask how they can keep up with the dynamic nature of society and their student body, and make the right decisions for their past, present and future students.

Fortunately, Steppingblocks has created the Graduate Insights platform to help universities do just that. Our platform provides a suite of powerful tools and data to support informed and intentional decision-making across all campus offices, helping institutions reach their unique missions and goals. With access to detailed alumni profiles, educational backgrounds, career paths, hiring trends, and more, our data is a valuable asset for institutions seeking to make the best decisions for their students and their campuses.

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