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As a result of heightened accountability in Higher Education, universities are now required to enhance their data and reporting capabilities to meet the standards of accreditors, donors, and state agencies. While universities are relying on first destination data, this information does not always provide a complete picture of graduate outcomes. To gain a more comprehensive understanding, universities are incorporating graduate insights data as a supplementary reporting source. Through utilizing the Steppingblocks Graduate Insights platform, our partners have successfully enhanced their accreditation, compliance, and reporting efforts in various ways. To name a few, they have utilized Steppingblocks to…

  • Generate data to report on program and institutional outcomes:

    • Marshall University has utilized Steppingblocks to support their overall accreditation and reporting efforts, both for specific programs and the university as a whole. Click here to listen to our conversation about the value of data in accreditation with Dr. Mary Beth Reynolds, The Associate Provost and Associate Vice President for Assessment and Quality Initiatives, and Brian Morgan, Vice President for Institutional Research and Planning and Chief Data Officer.

  • Generate data to meet performance funding metrics:

    • Florida International University has utilized Steppingblocks to monitor the health of their graduates. FIU uses our platform to illustrate and share the outcomes of their students using metrics such as salary, employment and outlook. They also use the data to uncover weaknesses to then inform interventions to help their current students. Click here to read more about how FIU is leveraging Steppingblocks, and listen to a podcast with FIU’s Assistant Director of Strategic Data Analysis, Paden Goldsmith.

  • Generating skills-based or other reports to supplement assessment and accreditation efforts

    • The University of Memphis recognized the capability of Steppingblocks platforms and data to support their campus’ career readiness efforts and adopted Steppingblocks to give students access to graduate outcomes data that is historically hard for universities to acquire. Click here to read more about how the University of Memphis implemented and rolled out Digital Career Counselor on their campus, and how they are beginning to use this platform to support student career readiness initiatives.

  • Exploring outcomes data to identify areas of success and improvement

    • Both the Graduate Insights platform and Digital Career Counselor have a multitude of tools and ways to start exploring the outcomes of your graduates to identify areas in which programs and schools are successful, but also to identify gaps or areas of improvement. We have seen our partners use this data to highlight the successes of their students for accreditation and reporting efforts, as well as assess programs on their campuses and assess the skills students are gaining while at their Universities, amongst others. Steppingblocks is happy to connect with you if you would like more information on just how to leverage these tools related to identifying successes and areas of improvement.

  • Leveraging data and reports to enhance strategic planning and mission-driven outcomes

    • Georgia State University has been leveraging our platforms to help their students be “Future Flexible.” The job market will continue to shift and evolve over time, and GSU is utilizing our quarterly updated data sets to be sure that their students are leaving their college experience with the skills that will help them be successful in the workforce, regardless of the job. Companies are starting to emphasize the importance of certain skills and competencies that translate across job functions, and GSU has recognized the need to prepare their students for jobs that may not even exist yet by supporting them in acquiring these skills. Click here to learn more about how GSU is leveraging Steppingblocks in preparing their graduates for the future of the job market.

The previous examples are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to leveraging Steppingblocks to support accreditation, compliance and reporting efforts on your campuses. Click here to connect with the team to chat more about how you can utilize Steppingblocks for goals on your campus!

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