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In addition to building relationships with alumni, universities also need to focus on targeting specific groups of alumni for advancement efforts. This is where the Steppingblocks platform truly shines. With its advanced filtering capabilities, the platform allows universities to create highly targeted outreach campaigns based on a range of parameters, including location, salary, major, job title, company, and more. What’s more, the platform offers the flexibility to download these filtered lists, complete with contact information. This enables universities to seamlessly incorporate alumni into their highly personalized campaigns and engage with them in a more meaningful way. For instance, universities can leverage these targeted campaigns to promote fundraising initiatives, recruit for volunteer opportunities, or simply keep alumni informed about the latest happenings on campus. Overall, the Steppingblocks platform empowers universities to achieve their advancement goals by providing them with the tools to connect with the right alumni at the right time. A few examples of this can be found below:

  • Leveraging location and employer information to engage alumni and identify fundraising opportunities

    • Click here to read about how our partners at Husson University have leveraged Steppingblocks Graduate Insights data to figure out where their alumni are located, and work with their top employers to develop meaningful alumni engagement and fundraising programs.

  • Engaging alumni effectively using data and technology

    • There is an importance in connecting with the right alumni at the right time when it comes to your campaigns, whether it be fundraising, volunteering, academic or career-related. There is a multitude of ways that you can leverage Steppingblocks to make sure you are doing so. Click here to read more about steps you can take to be sure you are targeting and connecting with the alumni that will ensure campaign success.

  • Leveraging industry and salary filters to fundraise for a specific campaign

    • In the year 2021, 1 in 4 institutions saw a 30%+ decline in fundraising, 54% of institutions saw dollar declines, and 49% of universities that saw those declines, saw declines reaching double digits. Long story short, universities are wondering how they can build and innovate their own campaigns to be intentional and successful. Click here to watch a webinar facilitated by Steppingblocks on how the pandemic affected advancement for universities, and how you can begin to leverage Steppingblocks and data to fundraise on your campuses.

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