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With a growing emphasis on accountability, universities are under increasing pressure to enhance their reporting capabilities and provide greater transparency around student outcomes. This has had a significant impact on admissions and student recruitment practices, as universities seek to attract and enroll students who are most likely to succeed and thrive in their chosen fields. To meet these needs universities are turning to the Steppingblocks platform. With its advanced data analytics and visualization tools, the platform provides universities with unparalleled insights into student outcomes, enabling them to make data-driven decisions around admissions, recruitment, and beyond. Whether it’s identifying which programs are most successful at placing students in high-paying jobs or pinpointing factors that contribute to student success, the Steppingblocks platform is a critical resource for universities looking to stay ahead of the curve in today’s competitive higher education landscape. Here are a few ways how you can start to leverage Steppingblocks for your admissions and recruitment efforts.

  • Developing programs or major webpages that highlight alumni outcomes

    • Having access to data that shows graduate outcomes allows you to highlight the successes and accomplishments of your students. Steppingblocks gives you access to a multitude of data points that you can use to showcase your university, and how your students succeed once they leave. You can take advantage of these data points to show students looking at college options why your school is the right fit for them and their career goals. Click here to see how Georgia State utilized Steppingblocks to create a College to Career exploration page for their students.

  • Generating transparent alumni outcomes reports

    • A lot of schools use first-destination surveys to track their alumni once they graduate. The problem with relying on such a survey is that it doesn’t necessarily give you the full picture of your alumni. With Steppingblocks, you are able to track outcomes in a much more specific way. What kinds of skills are your alumni learning or using? Where did these skills lead them, in regard to career, job function, industry, or even salary range? Click here to learn more about how Steppingblocks can help you streamline and create straightforward and to-the-point reports of your alumni.

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