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How do we calculate average salary?
How do we calculate average salary?
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Steppingblocks leverages machine learning and advanced data modeling to generate an average estimated salary for profiles in our dataset. Our salary training data is sourced from government reporting agencies, public databases, firmographic databases, and job postings, amongst others.We leverage as many as 40 different factors to calculate these salaries. Key components include:

  • Occupational data (Job Title, Job Function, Tenure at Employer / in Position, etc)

  • Firmographic data (Employer, Size of Employer, Industry, etc.)

  • Geographic data (Location of Position, etc.)

  • Education data (Degree Level, etc)

Our technology also allows Steppingblocks to display an average of these salary estimates throughout our solutions. Throughout our solutions, users will also see a salary range. This range is derived from the average salary calculated by Steppingblocks.

For more information about our data and data sourcing, click here.

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