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Managing Access for Steppingblocks Platforms
Managing Access for Steppingblocks Platforms
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As a Steppingblocks user, you now have access to Digital Career Counselor and/or Graduate Insights. Each of these platforms has a different access structure for its different audiences. Digital Career Counselor relies on integrating with your university’s single sign-on to allow open access for students, faculty and staff. Graduate Insights is designed for faculty and staff, and is accessible at different levels by invitation-only from a designated university administrator.

Accessing Digital Career Counselor through Single Sign-On

Digital Career Counselor is Steppingblocks' student-facing platform, designed to help students explore our data to make informed career decisions. To grant students access to the platform, Steppingblocks will work with your university's IT team to create a single-sign-on login system. This way, any student, faculty, staff, or alumni with a university login will be able to access the platform.

Accessing Graduate Insights (Graduate Outcomes & Graduate Explorer)

Graduate Insights is Steppingblocks' Staff and Faculty facing platform. Access to this platform is reliant on using a separately created login account, that you can create by being invited by a university administrator.

Admin have full access to the platform and are the only ones who can invite new users. Follow these steps to manage access and invite team members to Graduate Insights (Admin Only)

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