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Graduate Insights Access Level Pathways
Graduate Insights Access Level Pathways
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Within Graduate Insights, we offer varying levels of access, empowering campus members to tap into specific data points about their graduates. As campus leaders embark on configuring access for folks on their campus, a recurring question revolves around determining how to handle the different access levels, and who on campus should get access to what. The solution lies in tailoring access levels to suit the unique needs of your campus.

To aid in this decision-making process, here's an overview of several access level options, serving as a compass as you navigate through access management on your campus.

Option 1: Everyone added gets full access to the data

  • Everyone on campus that wants access to the data will receive full access to the data

Option 2:

  • Option 2A: Access managed by one central person on campus

    • One appointed administrator on campus will handle staff and faculty who want access, and will control who gets access

  • Option 2B: Access managed by a unit or college specific administrator

    • One appointed administrator per unit or college will manage the access of staff and faculty requesting access within their unit or college

  • Option 2C: One individual per unit or college handles data reporting

    • A chosen individual per unit or college will have full access to the data, and the capability to download it, and staff and faculty in that unit or college can request data and reports from them, while everyone gains access to Graduate Outcomes

For more information on these access levels options, as well as questions to consider as you decide how to handle access levels on your campus, click here!

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Questions? Click here to contact the Steppingblocks support team!

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