Who are my top employers?

And what types of graduates do they hire by major, job title and location?

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Employer data and hiring trends offer critical insight into your institution's impact on the larger economic and workforce landscape. Here's how to find your top employers in Graduate Outcomes:ย 

  1. Select Graduate Outcomes from your reports

  2. Scroll down and view an interactive list of your top employers

  3. Refer to the blue bar for volume and the green bar for salary

  4. Hover for average salary

Insight Example: Is Career Services launching a new student-facing initiative centered around trends for Computer Information Systems majors? Highlight Booz Allen Hamilton, Accenture and Freddie Mac. See example below.

Explore Your Top Employers

Steppingblocks Graduate Insights Top Employers

Isolate Target Employer Data

Concentrate your analysis on a single employer by clicking the company name. All sections of the dashboard will update.

Notice by clicking Booz Allen Hamilton in the example below, the filtered alumni population drops, the average age decreases, the average salary rises and the location zooms in on the D.C. area. Majors and job titles also adjust to reflect data only from the selected company.

We also have this walk through video showing how to view and filter information on top employers of recent graduates.

Steppingblocks is a data and analytics engine that provides workforce and educational outcome insights on over a 135 million people in the U.S. Learn more about our data here.

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