Employer data and hiring trends offer critical insight into your institution's impact on the larger economic and workforce landscape. Here's what you'll learn in this section: 

  1. Who currently employs the most alumni from your institution
  2. How to explore hiring trends of top employers
  3. How to isolate target employer data
  4. How to unlock top job functions of employed graduates
  5. In the next section, learn how to explore top employers of recent graduates

Insight Example: Is University Advancement launching a new fundraising initiative centered around Computer Science and Engineering? Target your efforts at Google, Microsoft and Amazon for the biggest impact and return. See example below.

Explore Your Top Employers

Isolate Target Employer Data

Concentrate your analysis on a single employer by clicking the bar to the right of the company name. All sections of the dashboard will update. Hover for a breakdown of headcount by graduation year.

Unlock Top Job Functions

Why were your graduates hired? 

Understand current job functions of graduates employed at the companies selected in the Top Employers section. Hover to display current average salary by job function as well as popular job titles and related average salaries. 

Insight Example: If you know Google is a top employer of your CIS graduates and they hire mostly IT professionals to migrate to their California headquarters, you can leverage this information to connect current students with in-state employers who resemble them.

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