Let’s look at Top Employers of your recent graduates, in order from top to bottom. 

You can view outcomes for your entire dataset or segment based on any number of attributes — learn how to filter and reset your dashboard here. Now you're ready to analyze trends at a glance with interactive timelines for each company.

How to interact with your top employer data:

  • Hover over the charts to see the graduates employed by these companies as a percent of all graduates employed from a cohort year

  • Click on a company name to isolate the data by employer and click again to reset

Insight Example: If a high percentage of your CIS graduates hired by Google graduated in 2018, identify their requirements to advise your course offerings and produce marketable graduates for future classes.

Analyze top employers side by side with the expanded bar chart on the right. 

In the sample analysis below you'll notice some consistency. Google, Microsoft and Amazon are the top three employers of 2018, 2017 and 2016 graduates from the College of Computer Science and Engineering. Accenture, on the other hand, tends to hire graduates with more experience.

Insight Example: Use Top Employers by Recent Graduation Cohort + Skills Analysis to identify top employers of your recent graduates and the skills those graduates possess. This data allows you to validate skill demand and refine course and curriculum offerings.

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