How do I create and manage teams? (For Admins)

After some initial exploration, you're ready to invite team members to start learning more about your alumni

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Admin Only Access

Steppingblocks Team Management allows administrators to restrict access to student information, so you can share these analytics across the university. Each new member must be part of an existing team, so start here:  

How to Create a Team

  1. Click “Team” to access the team management page

  2. Create your first team with custom permissions

Steppingblocks Graduate Insights Teams

When you open the "Create Team" dialog box, you’ll see the sharing options available for your school. Create a descriptive name for the team, and click "Create Team." The specific options will depend on the reports your school has opted into.

How to Invite Team Members

Once you’ve created the appropriate teams, you're ready to invite members to your dashboard.

  1. Open the "Members" section on the left bar

  2.  Click "Invite Member" and enter the email address you’d like to invite

  3. Specify permissions (for admin access, click toggle for "Provide Administrative Access?")

  4. Finish by clicking "Invite Team Member"

Remember: Invites expire after one week.

Your invite will show under "Pending Invitations" until the user accepts. Then, your admins and members will show below, and you can disable access at any time using the toggle. 

Steppingblocks Graduate Insights Team Invitations

Steppingblocks Graduate Insights Administrative Toggle

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