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How can you use Graduate Insights Data to support your strategic initiatives?

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The Steppingblocks Graduate Insights data can be utilized to solve multiple common challenges in Higher Education. Have a particular challenge or interesting data solution? Share it with our team!

Whether it be for accreditors, donors, or state agencies, increased accountability in Higher Education has required universities to strengthen their data and report capabilities. Universities are leveraging first destination data but that does not always tell the entire story. Using graduate insights data to supplement other reporting sources allows universities to better triangulate the outcomes of their graduates. This includes:

Understanding where students go after graduation with a particular program/major is incredibly powerful. Whether it be through the classroom, internships, or on the job, gaining an understanding of the skills and salary outcomes of their graduates can help department chairs and deans shape their programs to maximize student success. Steppingblocks data can help inform academics by showing the skills that align with higher salaries, specific jobs/careers, or even individual companies. By using our easy-to-use dashboard faculty, staff, and students can all identify the skills most needed for their areas of interest. For example:

Building and maintaining relationships has become integral for universities hoping to foster life-long and meaningful connections with their alumni. Over time, the response rates for surveys and other data requests decrease, meaning the institutions must rely on external data sources to track the latest and greatest outcomes of their graduates. As the connection between institutions and communities is ever growing, Steppingblocks allows staff to target alumni based on a large variety of filterable fields. From location to salary to major or skills, it is easy to create very specific lists of alumni. The Steppingblocks platform also allows for these lists to be downloaded and email is included so contacting them is easy as well. Consider:

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Similar to the ability to build relationships with alumni, it’s easy to target specific groups of alumni for advancement efforts. The Steppingblocks platform can filter based on location, salary, major, job title, company and more, allowing for very targeted outreach. The platform also allows for the option to download the lists, with contact info, so that alumni can be incorporated into highly-personalized campaigns. For example:

Multiple units on campus, including Career Services and Student Success, use the platform to support student career development. The added emphasis on career outcomes that is increasing around the country and the push to be more data-driven makes the Steppingblocks platform a favorite tool for working with and for students. For example:

As increased accountability has driven the need to enhance reporting, so to has a desire for outcomes transparency shaped admissions and student recruitment practices. The Steppingblocks platform is used for:

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